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Norma owned a small restaurant and bar. This was something that she had wanted to do all her life. She hated to work for anyone else because of the nine to five grind and the accountability. She loved food and beverage. It was always a part of her dream and plan. With the help of her parents, she was able to open up a restaurant and bar not very far from where she lived in Forest Hills, North Carolina, which was also located in the Wake County area. Norma watched various patrons come and go in her bar everyday and most of them came to drink because of problems that they were having. She heard so many stories of their lives. A lot of them were unhappy in their marriage and could not communicate with their wives. They would tell Norma their sorry, story and she would offer encouragement to them as best as she could.

Getting admitted to an Alcohol Treatment Facility

There was one patron in particular whose name was Ben. Ben was a loyal patron because he loved to drink. In fact, he would come in almost every day. Sometimes, he skipped work and came to drink from Normas bar. She did not support skipping work, but who was she to tell a grown man what to do? Ben was missing for a few months. In fact, it was ninety days or three months. When Norma inquired from another patron about Ben, she was told that he had been admitted into the Wake County alcohol treatment and rehab center. Ben did not only consume alcohol at Normas bar, but also at his home and other places around town. He had come to be known as the town drunk, which Norma was not fully aware of.

Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Apparently, Bens wife had left him and he was so distraught that he took to over drinking and drowning his sorrows in the bottle. He tried to get his wife to come back, but she said she would not do such a thing until he got help for his alcoholic problem. Bens wife had also taken the children with her to an undisclosed location that Ben was unable to find. He missed his children, but realized that in order for him to get his life back on track; he had to go seek help at the Wake County alcohol treatment and rehab center.

He took the advice of a friend whose sister worked at the rehab center. Once he was admitted into the treatment program, he had to immediately go through the detoxification program. This was intense. Some of the symptoms that Ben felt included nausea, chills, stomach pains and tremors. He did not know that this was the amount of alcohol in his body to create such an effect. The doctors, however, that supervised the process were very patient and helped to make Ben feel less discomfort than would have been normal.

Get help

Norma never saw Ben again in the bar, but she would rather lose a patron to treatment at Wake County alcohol treatment and rehab center than to have the person lose their family life over a bottle of alcohol.

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